Power and Duties

Power and Duties of OTVET Bureau.

Oromia National Regional State Government Technical &Vocational Education & Training Bureau is established as Oromia executive body under proclamation revised No. 199/2008, aiming to solve the problem of lower level and middle level skilled man power in industry. The Bureau has been given the following powers and duties.

  1. Implement and follow up the TVET strategies’ undertaken in the region.
  2. Facilitate the establishment of Polytechnic and colleges boards and counsels.
  3. Set the standard of trainees admission criteria in the region and follow  up its implementation throughout the Polytechnics and Colleges.
  4. Follow-up the training  given is based on Market based research conducted.
  5. Follow up the recourses’ and  budget allocated for Zones, Cites , Polytechnics and Colleges.
  6. Assure the Quality of  training conducted in the region is according to the national quality standards and take the corrective measurements.
  7. Based on the lobar market research conducted open or shut down the Occupations’.
  8. Facilitates / Make the tracer study and take the corrective activates.
  9. Develop a sustainable financing system for TVET with efficient and cost-effective delivery systems and management structures.
  10. Strengthen the private training provision and encourage enterprises to participate in the TVET system.
  11. Empower women and rural people through skills development.
  12. Ensure equal access of women and people with special needs to TVET.
  13. Create a coherent framework for all actors and stakeholders in the TVET system.
  14. Strengthen the culture of self-employment and support job creation in the economy, in particular in the emerging regions.
  15. Provide training on Industry extension service to Implement SME Strategy .
  16. Strength the awareness of the society on TVET strategy.
  17. Build the necessary human capacities to effectively manage and implement TVET.
  18. Preparea different Projects which helps Polytecnics and Colleges and follo up its implmentation.
  19. Collaboration with Oromiya Finance and Economic development office preparing the revenue generating recipt for polytecnics and colleges.