Labor market Assessment & Trainees Development

Labor Market Assessment & Trainees Development Directorate.

Adanech Gonfa



Labor Market Demand Assessment & Trainee Development Directorate is one of the four core directorates of Oromia TVET Bureau organized in two teams, namely Labor Market Demand Assessment and Curriculum Development & Implantation and Trainee Development Team with the objective to lead & ensure quality TVET training in the region and produce competent work force as per the demands of industry.

Major activities undertaken by the Directorate:

  • Coordinate Labor Market Demand Assessements to identify Ocuupation and Level demanded by the market
  • Conducting training impact assessements
  • Facilitate the preparation & improvements of Curriculum & TTLM
  • Capacitating trainers on prepared curriculum before implementing the curriculum
  • Facilitate the preparation of specifications of Tools,Equipments & Machineries required for training.
  • Work to increase trainees enrollment in regular & Short term trainings
  • Work to improve the quality of TVET training
  • Monitor & support ┬áthe implementation of ┬áVocational Counseling & Guidance services in all TVET Colleges in the region
  • Leade and support the implementation outcomebased training in the region
  • Coordinating & facilitating skill competition among trainees, Trainers & MSE.
  • Lead and facilitate cooperative & incompany training
  • Lead & facilitate the implementation of competency based assessement of training completers, industry workers & farmers(pasturalists)graduate & non graduate trainees level by level
  • Compiling & handling trainees data using Management Information System
  • Facilitating and conducting Tracer Study in the region
  • Closely working with industries/stackeholders leading the priority sectors
  • Conducting contineuos support and Suppervision