Industry extension service

Industry Extension Service (IES) Directorates.

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Description about industry extension service

Industry extension service is one of the directorates in TVET which means by identifying the basic problem of enterprise based on their willingness to take help give service by organizing the solution for their problem according to occupational standard to make them competent in the market by four packages (technical skill, Entrepreneurship, technology, KAIZEN)

Major activities carryout by the directorate

In industry extension service directorate there are four basic activities carryout, these are

  1. Technical skill:-
  • Identifying skill gap for an enterprise
  • Prepare training module based on occupational standard to fill the gap
  • provide training based on prepared module
  • conduct assess them to confirm they meet the standard required
  • If they can’t competent re train them until they compete
  1. Entrepreneurship:-
  • Deliver training how enterprise become an entrepreneur/enterprise
  • Deliver training how they generate business idea
  • Deliver training how they prepare business plan
  • Deliver training on strategic planning
  • Deliver training how to handle customer
  • Deliver training how to administer their business
  • Deliver training how to expand their market
  • Deliver training on resource planning and ,management
  • Deliver training on market strategy & advertising
  1. Technology:-
  • Based on prepared value chain identify the gap
  • Prioritise best technology that are important and solve enterprise problem
  • conduct cost benefit analysis for selected technology (feasibility study)
  • Prepare full technology document
  • Prepare design for each technology parts
  • Prepare prototype for selected technology
  • Make test on prepared prototype for its functionality
  • Maintain identified gap during functionality test
  • Produce real technology
  • Select an enterprise and provide training how to copy and use technology
  • Transfer technology to SME
  • Assess the impact of technology


  • provide training on KAIZEN (5S, Quality control, QCC, 7waste)
  • Identify waste strategy
  • Set goal to reduce waste
  • Implement KAIZEN
  • Record improvement
  • Keep improvement
  1. Capacity Building
  • Provide training to trainer, SME and expert on technology
  • Provide training to trainers, SME and expert on Entrepreneurship
  • Deliver training how to implement KAZIEN for trainers, SME and expert on KAIZEN

Objective of industry extension service

  • Human power development
  • Technology development
  • For competitive advantage
  • To increase economy for development